Smart Detective and Allied Service (India) Pvt Ltd, take pride in offering the personal and professional service with each contract being tailored to suite a specific needs of clients, from guarding and property care maintain security at the client's home, business premises, hotels etc. We belive in a hands on policy which include exceptional service and quality management.
Deployment of security personal on demand. we place a strong emphasis on personal, protocal and safety.
Discipline, communication, team work and will be succeeded in our assignments are the cornerstones of our practice and success.

New Product / New Line of Business

Armored Van service for long term care facility. Hope this diversity will give stability. To bring about real change, combine action, responsiveness and alternativeness. Our security specialist will be available to assist you for locations to improve your security.

Reliability & Guarantee of security and ATM management are the biggest factors when it comes to deal with cash/wealth. There are also reasons that utility servicing co and Financial Institiutions depend on us when it comes to ATM & ATP cash management services.

The success of our business will be largely a result of superior service, extra attention to details throughout our operation, personnel and reasonable level of experience in this industry. This will allow us to give absolutely top service. This industry has expanded rapidly in the past several years and growth is expected to continue at a strong pace. This offers excellent opportunities to us to enter in this area. We are better positioned, to take advantage of the increasing demands. Developed relationship with various type of clients and we excelled in designing security solutions for banking industry also. SD & AS is all set to scale new heights and establish a strong foundation.


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