Smart Detective & Allied Service was formed on 2000 with simple objective, in june2008 it was renamed and incorporated as SMART Detective & Allied Service (India) Pvt Ltd.The prime movers behind this company are,

1. Sri. Gurumurthy - Managing Director

2. Sri. Mahadev Hooli - Director

3. Sri. Paramesh - Director

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Mrs. Savitha Hooli prior to this smt. Savitha was with HCL as a business consultant. She is Master Degree holder in Electronics. This position will have as operating responsibilities for all business units.


Right from the inception, the company was focusing in strengthening the marketing area.We are proud to place on record that during the last few years operation,there has been steady growth in our business, more then anything else, we have firmly established our business with blue chip companies both public & private undertakings.


Our office situates in the heart of bangalore city with admirable facilities and the company has employed qualified people to handle activities of our company.We have arrangements at various places in karnataka and chennai.This enabled us to firmly establish with potential clients.

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